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Chelsea Carne

By Celebrate!, News, Thank You!

We are so grateful to our sweet-toothed community members for raising $44,123.17 for the new Intensive Care Unit at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital by purchasing Tim Hortons Smile Cookies in September! A big thank you to the Nanaimo Tim Hortons restaurant owners for making this amazing donation week possible.
Pictured from left to right: Mandeep Kandola (Brooks Landing), Janice Krall (NDHF), Ryan Cruz and Andy Milne (Westhill Plaza, Tenth Street, and Northfield Plaza), Jeff Blois (Dickinson Crossing and Woodgrove Centre), Lilian Mayne (Rock City Plaza and Nanaimo North Town Centre), Craig McBride (Wallace St. and University District), Christian Aubin (Code Brew Café), and Chelsea Carne (NDHF).

6th Annual Pat Docherty Memorial Tournament

By Celebrate!, News, Thank You!

Wow! We received an unbelievable gift of $103,025 from the participants of the 6th annual Pat Docherty Memorial Tournament! We are so grateful to this generous group for their ongoing support. Over the years, they have given over $241,000 to the hospital! This year’s gift will go toward the purchase of all the medical equipment required in the new ICU. Thank you so much!

A Dedication in Memory of Audrey Van Schubert

By Memorial Tributes

Audrey and I were together for over 30 years and she was the absolute love of my life. Her outer beauty and inner strength were unmatched. She had a sharp, dry wit that belied her soft spoken manner. There was nothing more important to her than her family and she is missed tremendously. I’d like to share a brief anecdote that gives a glimpse into her character. Audrey would love this story.

This photo was taken on our last day of a one week all inclusive vacation to Punta Cana.  One of our off-resort excursions earlier that week was a deep sea fishing trip. Audrey had a fear of open water but she was ok with boats, just not with being responsible for keeping herself afloat.  The fishing was a bit slow at first and Audrey started to get a little seasick.  She quickly forgot about her distress when one of the lines bent over and all hell broke loose in the boat. It was a bit of a false alarm, just a small barracuda. She thought it was the coolest thing ever but the deckhand called it ‘la basura” (trash) and chucked it unceremoniously into the bait bin.  Audrey was horrified. She nearly organized a mutiny. Things were getting tense at the back of the boat when fortunately the captain suddenly yelled out ‘aves!!’ (birds!) and turned hard toward a massive churning on the surface of the ocean a few hundred yards away, with gannets and gulls wheeling overhead diving into the water in a feeding frenzy. A school of mahi mahi had pushed a baitfish ball to the surface and before it was all over we had caught four huge ones. On the way back in to the dock everybody was happy, Audrey was chattering away in Spanish with the crew and the poor barracuda was forgotten, unavenged, to be chopped up later for chum.

Patience, mutual respect, loyalty, humility, unconditional love and yes, a little bit of humour, got Audrey and I through some pretty tough times.  Her legacy will continue through all the people she touched along the way. Siempre te amare sweetheart.

Your Roberto

By Congratulations!, News, Thank You!

Congratulations to the team at Laird Wheaton GM for winning our 2022 Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Car Dealership Challenge! The team won an awesome advertising prize package by purchasing the most cookies during Smile Cookie week! All proceeds to the new ICU at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Thank you!
Thank you to the prize donors, Nanaimo News Bulletin, Nanaimo & Voyager Magazine, and the Business Examiner.

Thank you, PetSmart!

By News, Thank You!

Kids visiting the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital when they aren’t feeling well are sure to be cheered up by an awesome stuffie from PetSmart Nanaimo! Since 2018, PetSmart has been holding toy drives and have donated thousands of stuffies to our hospital for sick kids. This photo is just the tip of the iceberg for this year – PetSmart predicts that by the end of this year, they will have donated around 50 bags of stuffies!! Thank you so much!

Thank you, Mid Island Co-op!

By Celebrate!, News, Thank You!


We are so incredibly grateful to Mid Island Co-op for their amazing fundraiser for us! We are overjoyed to announce that Mid Island Co-op has donated a grand total of $42,342.61 to Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation! proceeds will go toward the purchase of medical equipment for the new Intensive Care Unit at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. THANK YOU to Mid Island Co-op and everyone who bought fuel on Fuel Good Day for making this happen!


Mid Island Co-op has supported the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for over 30 years. They have supported 14 different initiatives at the hospital during that time, including Palliative Care, the Emergency Department build, and the Endoscopy Suite. To the folks at Mid Island Co-op, gift truly has impact on the community we serve. THANK YOU to Mid Island Co-op and everyone who bought fuel on Fuel Good Day for making this happen!

In Loving Memory: Raymond Paul Honig

By Memorial Tributes, News

Raymond Paul Honig was born on April 27, 1944 in Worthing, England. He and his twin Roger were born to Vincent Honig, a RCAF Spitfire mechanic and Margaret Hynes, his British war bride. After the war, Ray and Roger were joined by younger siblings Valerie, Glenn and Kent. The family was raised in the rural Saskatchewan regions of Glaslyn, Divide, St. Walburg, Carrot River, Pelly, and Estevan.

Ray spent more than four decades with the military, first as an army cadet in Pelly, then with the South Saskatchewan Regiment (Canadian Army Reserves) in Estevan, and finally 37 years as a commissioned officer in the Regular Force where he served in the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, the Canadian Airborne Regiment, and the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. His military service took him across the US, Cyprus, Germany, Syria, Bosnia, and every part of Canada. His experiences ranged from the mundane to the adrenaline-filled incredible, and he forged deep friendships and bonds with his colleagues.

Ray was doomed to a life of love when he met a schoolteacher (Joan Barbara Thurston) at the Officers’ Mess at CFB Baden Oct. 31, 1971. They married the following summer and were together for 50 years and 8 months. Their love produced three beautiful children who accompanied them in their wanderings and many homes across Canada and the US, and later two cherished granddaughters.

They retired to Nanaimo, BC and began an active and connected life filled with old and new pastimes and hobbies, growing their friend network exponentially and forming deeper relationships with extended family. These happy years always featured relaxation time for reading, teatime, happy hour and chatting in their opposing armchairs by the living room fireplace. Their adventurous natures took them across every continent as they fulfilled a lifelong desire to see and experience the world.

Ray is survived by Joan, his loving wife of 50 years, his children Colonel Barbara Honig, Jeff Honig (Jaleen), and Deborah (George), his grandchildren Sienna and Lilla, his brother Glenn (Colleen), brother-in-law Neil Huxtable, sister-in-law Diane (Ken), brother-in-law Neil (Carol), and many nieces, nephews, cousins and second cousins. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and the community in which he was an active participant in many clubs.

A Celebration of Life will be held Fri., Oct. 21, 2022 at Legion 256, 1630 East Wellington Road, Nanaimo from 1:00-4:00 pm. Ray will be buried in the National Military Cemetery (Beechwood Cemetery) in Ottawa later this fall. There will be a short ceremony and gathering there for anyone in the area who would like to attend the interment.

In Lieu of Flowers, please consider a donation to the Nanaimo General Hospital Foundation Fund for the ICU unit equipment for the new ICU Unit to open in 2023. Your donation would mean a lot to Ray, to us, and to Nanaimo.

The Peddlin’ Prof peddles past his goal!

By Celebrate!, Congratulations!, News, Thank You!
We are so blown away and grateful to Dr. Trevor Cradduck, the Peddlin’ Prof, for his amazing bike ride fundraiser in support of the new Intensive Care Unit at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital! During August, Dr. Cradduck set himself a goal of riding 500 km and raising $2,000 for the hospital, and he exceeded both with 761 km ridden and $2,750 raised!
In addition to his fundraising for NRGH, Dr. Cradduck is a longtime volunteer of the Lifeline (the wearable call button for seniors when they need help, for example if they fall in their home). Dr. Cradduck worked in the Check-In Program, which is a scheduled check-in call service for Nanaimo seniors. He is a former Lifeline committee member and Past Editor of the program’s newsletter, “Seniors Connections” as well as a delivery driver for Lifeline unit install (and sometimes delivery rider if he took his bike). At 86 years young, Dr. Cradduck is an inspiration to us all to keep moving, and keep giving.

Charles and Edith Simmons Memorial

By Memorial Tributes, News

Charles and Edith Simmons were married for an amazing 63 years together and had two wonderful children, Jeff and Beverley (Bev), who we at the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation had the pleasure to get to know recently. Edith passed away in 2015 followed shortly after by Charles in 2016, and they left a gift in their will Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH). In 2017, we named a patient care room in the Emergency Department in celebration of their generous gift.

Delayed by COVID, Jeff brought his sister Bev to NRGH to see their parents’ plaque in August 2022. We all had a wonderful tour of the Emergency Department, which is coming up for the 10th anniversary of its renovation!

The Emergency Department at NRGH typically sees 180 patients per day, a number that has jumped to 210 over the past six months. This marks a 16% increase in patients which may not sound like much, but we were assured it makes a huge impact on the day-to-day operations and capacity of the Emergency Department. That’s why the design of it is so special. The department boasts a unique design with streaming care in mind: a form of triaging that allows higher needs patients quicker access to services, with a dedicated area away from lower needs patients. “The infrastructure in this department is person- and patient-centric,” said Rebecca McGregor, Manager of NRGH Emergency Services. “The design of it is unique in north America. We wanted to make sure patient care, not metrics, drove its design. Patients are our top priority at NRGH.”

The Charles and Edith Simmons Patient Room is a special place inside the Emergency Department that is designed to be a safe, quiet space away from the milieu of the larger department. It is reserved for patients that have experienced trauma or who may have to undergo unsettling exams or treatments for their issues. “Everything can happen in here,” McGregor told us. “We designed this room to have enough space for family, friends, counsellors and other resource providers to be with the patients. It can also house any machines required for exams to address a number of issues.”

For Jeff and Bev, the visit was a wonderful reminder of the generosity of their parents, and a great opportunity for the two of them to visit with one another. They share a love of motorcycling, and we laughed as they reminisced about their fun trips around Canada and to the states. Bev is a bit of a daredevil, and Jeff was accepting of this but still appropriately concerned for his sister’s safety. There was good-natured ribbing all around, which is indicative of their upbringing with parents who, by all accounts, both had wonderful senses of humour.

Jeff and Bev, it was a pleasure to meet you. We look forward to seeing you again.

The Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation fundraises for state-of-the-art medical equipment for our hospital other healthcare facilities in our region. Right now, you can help us fund the purchase of all critical care medical equipment needed for the new Intensive Care Unit at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, expected to open in late 2023. To make a donation, please visit

-The Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation

Main photo: Beverley and Jeff Simmons

Second photo: Matt (Beverley’s son) with Charles and Edith Simmons, 2015


From Jeff and Bev Simmons, 2017

 From the inception of their time together, it was to be a solid and unwavering 63-year marriage. It began when our Mom was actually dating two fellows at the same time, our Dad being one of them. One day, the other fellow telephoned our Mom at her family home and her father picked up the phone and said, “That you Charlie?” Needless to say, from that day forward it was to be only our father for the remainder of mom’s days.

They both had strong roots in Vancouver BC, and never strayed very far from this province in their travels. They felt a strong tie to the Pacific Northwest coastal area, and so focused their pleasure time on and around those ocean waters by boat.

Our parents, aka Chuck and Edie, began their married life in the Lower Mainland. They were true West Coasters and we always had boats on which we spent many weekends and summer holidays cruising and fishing the West Coast.

In the late 60’s we moved to Castlegar in the West Kootenay. Dad became Chief Electrician at Trail Regional Hospital and worked there until his retirement in 1989. He certainly knew the intricacies of a hospital and took a special interest in the elevators and the diesel powered back-up electrical system. He would often travel to the Penticton Hospital as well where he looked after the elevators and back-up power systems there. Dad was a member of the Castlegar RCMP Auxiliaries and also the local SAR (Search and Rescue) organization.

Mom worked for the Castlegar RCMP Detachment until her retirement about the same time as Dad’s. We aren’t sure of her exact title, but she was referred to as “Mom” by all the Members at the Detachment. It was not uncommon for us to have a member on duty in uniform at our house for Sunday and Christmas dinners. It was also not unheard of for a member to show up for breakfast after the end of night shift. Mom was an avid gardener and also enjoyed sewing and knitting.

Funny story, some time after I (Jeff) had left home, I was stopped for a traffic infraction on Hwy 99 near the Deas Tunnel. When the officer saw my licence he asked if I was related to Edie in Castlegar. When I said yes, he blurted out “you’re Mom’s kid!!!” He had been transferred to Delta from Castlegar. We had a few laughs and swapped stories there on the side of the highway, and sent me on my way. Told me to slow down though.

Bev was always in demand to be a New Year’s Eve babysitter amongst the detachment members, and they would put their reservation in early to retain her.

Shortly after retiring, Chuck and Edie returned to their West Coast roots and moved to Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast where they had been building their retirement home. They lived there until 2006 when they moved to Nanaimo. In their retirement years, they enjoyed camping in one of the many RVs they owned. They were also members of the Old Car Club and owned and toured in their old restored cars.

As they aged and their medical needs began increasing, they found it difficult to live on the Sunshine Coast and commuting to Vancouver for services that were not available there. The move to Nanaimo solved that as everything they needed medically was here at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

Their final few years included many visits to NRGH Emergency Department. They were always treated with respect and kindness and received top notch medical care from true compassionate and professional caregivers. Something Chuck and Edie wanted to do in their final wishes was to give back to the facility that had looked after them so well when they needed it.

The Peddlin’ Prof Raises Funds for ICU

By Celebrate!, News, Thank You!
Dr. Trevor Cradduck is Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Medicine having been a Medical Physicist in Nuclear Medicine, and finished his career at Western University in London, Ontario. However, to us he’s known as the “Peddlin’ Prof.”
In 2016, Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto initiated the Great Cycle Challenge to Fight Kid’s Cancer. Cyclists set their own challenges in terms of distance to ride throughout the month and a goal of money to raise. Dr. Cradduck joined this venture in 2018 and has ridden each year, keeping himself fit and raising money for a good cause. He has since redirected his funding to the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation, and we couldn’t be more grateful! Funds raised will support the purchase of all the state-of-the-art critical care medical equipment in the new Intensive Care Unit at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.
This year, at age 86, Dr. Cradduck has set his distance goal at 500 km to be ridden over the month of August. During his first five days of riding, he put an incredible 129 km under his wheels! He feels confident he will meet the target he set himself.
To make a donation in support of the Peddlin’ Prof’s fundraiser for the ICU at NRGH, please visit and enter “Trevor’s bike ride” in the comment box. Thank you!