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The need is critical: Building a New ICU at NRGH

For over 40 years, the medical team in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH) has been providing exceptional care for the sickest of the sick in our community.

The ICU at NRGH, however, is one of the oldest ICUs in B.C. and one of the most in need of an upgrade and expansion in all of Canada. It is also one of the busiest on Vancouver Island, serving more than 400,000 residents living north of the Malahat. With just nine beds available, the capacity is no longer sufficient to meet the growing demand. This demand adds further pressure to the medical team to deliver excellent care in an outdated facility.

Despite all these challenges, NRGH’s ICU team ranks near the top nationally for positive patient health outcomes. A modern ICU with the latest medical equipment will enable our dedicated team to provide even better care for our most vulnerable patients. The new ICU will also be more family-friendly with consultation rooms that provide privacy and are sensitive to the different cultural needs in our community.

The ICU is an essential component of healthcare delivery across our entire hospital for patients and the staff who care for them. Every department and floor relies on a highly skilled and well equipped ICU, particularly the cardiac and surgical departments. The reality of a rapidly growing and ageing population combined with the challenges presented by the existing infrastructure has made it clear that the time to build a new ICU is now.

The Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation has committed to raise the entire $5 million for all the medical equipment needed for the new ICU. With the care and support of our community, we can achieve this goal!

Watch the videos below to learn more about the urgent need to build a new ICU at NRGH.