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The Nanaimo Foundation gave a leadership gift of $40,000. Thank you!

Pictured from left: Barney Ellis-Perry, CEO, Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation, Tony Harris, Board Chair, Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation, Anu Mayer, Board Member, Nanaimo Foundation, Daniel Martinez, Board Chair, Nanaimo Foundation, and David Hammond, Board Member, Nanaimo Foundation.

$142,000 raised for NRGH!

We are so excited to announce that with the help of our friends and neighbours, we raised $142,000 for the new Sentimag System at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital on our first ever Giving Tuesday initiative!

An incredible group of community leaders, including our Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation Board Members, the Nanaimo Foundation, the Tom Harris Community foundation, the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival Society, and the Abreast of Life Dragon Boat Team united to make a difference for our hospital this holiday season! Together, they have made significant gifts toward the purchase of the Sentimag System that will support people experiencing breast cancer in our region.

We are so grateful for this amazing show of support. Thank you so much to everyone who has now made the purchase of this essential piece of cancer treatment equipment, as well as a year’s worth of operational costs, possible.
Giving Tuesday was on Tuesday, November 29, 2022.
We fundraised for the purchase of a Sentimag system for breast cancer treatment.
The Sentimag System

The Sentimag System replaces the outdated technology of using a wire to identify where a cancer tumour is inside the breast for surgical removal. While awaiting treatment, this implanted wire protrudes from the breast, which is scary and very uncomfortable for the patient.

The Sentimag System replaces that wire with a tiny embedded gold seed, called a Magseed. Patients who have undergone the wire implantation are very excited to contribute to the new technology, which will dramatically improve patient comfort before surgery, and make the surgical procedure much easier for the medical team.

Our local Dragonboat teams were so excited to support us for Giving Tuesday!
$5,000 gift from the Abreast of Life Dragonboat Team - $60,000 overall
$750 from the Welly Waveriders Dragonboat Team
$25,000 gift from the Dragonboat Festival Society and Save On Foods