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With your donation, residents in our long-term care facilities can enjoy more outdoor activities and programs this summer.

The sunny days of summer should be something to look forward to. But for the 400 residents in care at Central Island Long-term Care facilities operated by Island Health, the days can be long and there are limited opportunities to get out and enjoy all that the Island has to offer.  Most are seniors with mobility challenges that make getting out more difficult, and if family is not nearby to help, it can be even more challenging.

Your gift today will help seniors get outside, feel the warmth of the sun on their faces and safely venture a little farther from their care home.


The Nanaimo and District Hospital Foundation asked residents in care what would make their days brighter, and here is what they told us:

“A bus is essential for the well-being of our residents. I really miss bus drives in the country, maybe stopping at a pub for lunch”.

– Brian, Dufferin Place resident.

“I like to visit with my wife outside on the patio, and it would be better with more comfortable furniture”.

– Bob, Eagle Park resident.

Support Eagle Park

“I used to garden a lot. I would like to be able to get out in the gardens more and plant”.

–  Janine, Trillium Lodge resident.

Support Trillium Lodge

Please give today

Our long-term care Activities Departments work hard to keep spirits up, but they need your support to expand their programs. Patio upgrades at Eagle Park, outdoor programs at Trillium Lodge, and bus excursions for Dufferin Place will help get seniors outdoors in nature where they love to be!


This June, won’t you help make a senior’s day a little bit brighter? It’s in our Nature to Give!