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When a loved one is unwell, we want them to receive the absolute best care. Nothing matters more than having a team of physicians, nurses, and other staff who see them not as a symptom or disease, but as the person we know and love – our sister, our father, or our dear friend.

The Nanaimo Regional General Hospital treats the mind and spirit with the same compassion it treats the body. For many of us it‘s important to feel certain that our loved ones will always receive that level of care, with dignity and respect, when they need it.

Our hospital sees over 65,000 Emergency Department patients, delivers over 1,200 babies, and performs almost 14,000 surgeries in the course of a year.  The staff are tremendously gifted, endlessly compassionate, and give their time generously to all patients and loved ones.  Our mission at the Foundation is to support them in all they do, to make sure our hospital and its staff have the best equipment and facilities possible, well into the future.  A Planned Gift is an extraordinary way to invest in healthcare innovation and facilitate discoveries that would otherwise not be possible. Sometimes, we call it a Legacy Gift, because of the long-lasting legacy of generosity it creates well into the future.

A Planned Gift allows us to potentially give more than at any other time in our life and to make a great difference in the world we live in.  By leaving a gift in your Will, you demonstrate an unending commitment to healthcare, and the kind of patient care future generations will receive in our hospital. Wherever the need of our patients is greatest, that is where your gift will make a difference.

To discuss leaving a gift in your Will, or other Planned Giving Options, please contact Susan Ryan at the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation:



Gifts in Your Will

A gift through your Will is a thoughtful way to invest in the future of healthcare in your community. The dedicated staff in our facilities have the ability to provide wonderful care in part due to generous people who made the decision years ago to donate to their hospital. Their legacy is making our community healthier today. Contributions from estate gifts account for between 25% and 30% of our donations, and through these gifts, the Foundation makes significant equipment, patient comforts, and staff education contributions to the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, Eagle Park Health Care Facility, Dufferin Place Extended Care Facility, Trillium Lodge, and Oceanside Health Centre for all areas of care.

If you have an interest in leaving a gift to the Foundation in your Will, we recommend that you consult with your lawyer or estate planner when considering making a bequest.

Estate Giving Options

Charitable Bequests
A charitable bequest is a donation in your Will which is distributed by your estate after your death.  Upon your death, the Foundation will issue a donation receipt for the bequest.  This receipt will result in a tax credit that may be claimed for up to 100% of your taxable income in the year of death and the preceding year.  Assets such as cash, retirement savings, property, mutual funds, stocks and securities can be bequeathed or transferred to the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation.

Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a planned gift where you make an irrevocable gift to the Foundation through a trust agreement. You may contribute cash, securities, real estate or other investments like term deposits or certificates of deposit to the trust and receive an immediate donation receipt for the present value of the donated assets. A trustee manages the trust, and you receive the income generated by the assets in the trust during your lifetime.

Charitable Gift Annuity (CRA)
A Charitable Gift Annuity (CRA) is an arrangement whereby you may transfer a lump sum to the Foundation in exchange for fixed, guaranteed payments during your lifetime.  All or a substantial portion of the annuity payments will be tax-free.

For Professional Advisors

The Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation values our close partnerships with our professional advisors, including financial advisors, lawyers and funeral directors.

The impact of your work is felt both by your clients and by the community you serve and we are grateful for your partnership!

We help your clients donate a variety of assets, including wills, securities, endowments, charitable trusts, RRSPs and RRIFs, and property. Please contact us at any time to discuss a gift.

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