Roots to Read is a program which will promote and support emergent literacy, crucial to health and development, for every newborn at NRGH.

Roots to Read Objectives

  • To provide resources to families while in hospital that will:
    • Promote and support an understanding of the importance and benefit of early childhood literacy
    • Promote parental reading, speaking and singing as well as “serve and return” interactions with their newborns.
    • Assist in sustaining literacy activities that are interactive, reciprocal, shared and connected to a family’s culture
    • Provide examples of reading materials appropriate to the child/family
    • Link the family and child to literacy programs in the community and public library
  • To achieve funding for ongoing support of the program via directed donations to the Roots to Read program via the Nanaimo and District Hospital Foundation
  • To ensure ongoing program evaluation and modification to ensure the objectives are met.

What is the Roots to Read program?

  • Established in March 2022, this program is being implemented by perinatal staff as part of caregiver teaching (target start date June 2022).
  • Provision of Roots to Read book bag to every newborn at NRGH that will include:
    • 2 carefully curated new books that encourage “serve and return” interactions between caregiver and newborn
    • Early Words educational cards for simple quick caregiver reference (Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation, printed and used with permission)
    • One page Tips for Parents with Babies flyer (Reading Rockets, used with permission)
    • Information about local library access (VIRL to supply)
  • The Roots to Read program is fully dependent on donations.

To make donations to the Roots to Read program through the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation please use the form below. 100% of all donations will go directly to fund the program.