Our community deserves the very best care. You can help!

Please help as we equip our new Intensive Care Unit and its High Acuity Unit


Nanaimo Hospital needs you on our team. Will you please help as we equip our new Intensive Care Unit? None of us knows when we may need our hospital. Or when we – or a loved one – might find ourselves in intensive care. And if that happens, we all want to know we’ll receive the very best care, with the best facilities and equipment possible. That’s why we need you.

You may have heard about the new ICU we’re building, with the support of your friends and neighbours. And while the government will cover building costs, we must ask for your help to equip the new Intensive Care Unit and a High Acuity Unit as well. A High Acuity Unit is a step down from intensive care – but only a step away. It’s a better way to care for the people who need the most care. And a better way to use the resources we have.

That’s why your gift is so important. Please will you join your neighbours with a gift today? It’s critical!