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Hospital Foundation

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The Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation (NDHF) is pleased to be the Charity of Choice for many community events.  Special Events, Community Events and Special Promotional Programs are an important part of our fundraising activities. Your support is greatly appreciated.

In addition to the funds raised, Community Events generate important awareness about the NDHF and the need to support health care on Central Vancouver Island. The proceeds from community events help the NDHF ensure the provision of public healthcare is not limited by inadequate facilities or equipment.

Ongoing and Upcoming Events


Enjoy the Festival of Wheels on July 13th and see the areas finest cars, trucks, 4×4’s, motorcycles and more! The Hospital Foundation is once again receiving the proceeds from the WestJet raffle so get your tickets for a chance to win and support healthcare in your community! For event details, please visit:

COBS Bread

COBS Pleasant Valley Landing and/or Terminal Park is delighted to support the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation in their Dough Raiser program.

How it Works:

Each time you purchase a product at COBS Pleasant Valley Landing and/or Terminal Park, mention you’re raising dough for Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation and our staff will process a 5% donation to the Foundation.









Please check back often for an updated list of community events supporting the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation through out the year.