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Thank You, Nurses!

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May 8 – 14 is Nurses Week, which is a time for us to recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the nurses that care for us and our loved ones. Please take a moment this week and thank a nurse in your life! We are deeply grateful to all the nurses in our community.

Thank You, Physicians!

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May 1 is National Physicians Day. Physicians are critically important to the health of our community. We are deeply grateful to our physicians for their tireless work, compassion, and perseverance in the face of incredible challenges. Your dedication to the health and safety of others inspires us every day. Thank you for all you do.

March 30 is Doctors Day

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Right now, doctors around the world are dedicating their lives to the health of those around them. They sacrifice their energy, time, and lives to treating the sick, comforting patient families, training their successors, and instrumentally creating a safer and more prosperous world. Our doctors at NRGH provide high quality care for anyone from central and north Vancouver Island who needs them, from mending broken bones to chemotherapy for cancer patients, from life support for premature babies to palliative care for the elderly. For all you do for us, we honour and thank you.

Kudos for NRGH Staff

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We are honoured to raise funds in support of the incredible work being done on a daily basis throughout NRGH and other care facilities so we love to share feedback from patients and their families about the great care they receive. Well done 4th Floor!

“Just taking a moment to give a big shout out to your nurses and staff at Nanaimo General. I was in there yesterday on the fourth floor and had wait in the hall for a few minutes while the nurse cared for my dad. There was a sweet elderly woman sitting in a wheelchair singing happy birthday over and over. Sometimes the staff sang along, sometimes she was solo but the nurses told me that she had caught wind of it being someone’s birthday on the floor and it was her way of hinting for cake. After a few choruses, one of the nurses passed me and she was speaking softly to herself how she was so busy and couldn’t really spare the time, but oh well.

A minute later she returned with cake and sat and fed it to the lovely singing patient. We have always received exemplary care at this hospital but I know others that have their issues with it however I have to applaud them for that single moment today. As busy as that young nurse was, she took a few moments to show kindness and consideration for that sweet old lady. Thank you to all the nurses and support staff for everything you do, it doesn’t go unnoticed!!!”