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February 2019

New Mannequin for O.R. Department

By Medical Equipment, News

After serving NRGH well since 1985, the time has come to replace “Annie” – the CPR training mannequin used to train the life-saving technique. The new mannequin, yet to be named, was funded by the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation.

The O.R. Department team members are excited about the new mannequin’s features which will provide more advanced training options. Some of the many benefits are:

  • Proper airway anatomy such as vocal chords, esophagus and epiglottis for more realistic simulations
  • Unlike “Annie”, it isn’t limited to just CPR training. The new mannequin can be used to practice a number of airway management techniques
  • It can be used for inter-professional simulations. Cardiac arrest, intubations and other emergency situations can be practiced individually or as a group including surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses
  • It can be used to demonstrate and practice the use of new equipment

In addition to the Hospital Foundation, the O.R. department would like to give thanks to Life Safe Medical Training who helped acquire the mannequin.

Photo Below: “Annie”

New Bladder Scanner for Eagle Park

By Medical Equipment, News

Thanks to support from Newman’s Own Foundation, staff at Eagle Park Health Care Facility have a brand new bladder scanner! In the past, they did not have access to this diagnostic tool at Eagle Park, a 75 bed long term care facility in Qualicum Beach. With the new scanner, staff will be better able to care for their elderly residents and potentially prevent transfers to the Emergency Room or urgent care facilities.

About Bladder Scanners

A bladder scanner is a noninvasive, portable ultrasound device that provides a virtual 3D image of the bladder and the volume of retained urine. Bladder scans are commonly utilized in acute care, long-term care, and rehabilitation environments, as well as in physicians’ offices.

Without the use of a bladder scanner, urinary retention is assessed by performing an invasive “in and out” urinary catheterization. This procedure can be uncomfortable and increase a patient’s risk of infection. Bladder scanners are the safest option for patients.

Photo: Cindy Illerbrun, Carol Allen and Betty Piotrowska

Cardiac Equipment Arrives at NRGH

By Medical Equipment, News

Due to the support of generous donors, including a $1 million donation, the $1.8 million cardiac campaign goal has been reached months in advance! As a result, the Hospital Foundation immediately funded $500,000 of medical equipment which just arrived at NRGH.

Dr. Nataranjan, one of the cardiologists at NRGH, is pictured with one of the new echocardiography ultrasound units. At a cost of $138,000 each, these incredible machines have the most advanced software and imaging capabilities available. These units are true workhorses that can do all the different tests cardiac patients may need.

With cardiac ultrasound exams alone expected to exceed 10,000 in 2019, and all cardiac exams totaling over 40,000, these units are a much needed addition to the hospital.

Trillium Auxilliary

By Thank You!
After 37 years of supporting seniors at Trillium Lodge in Parksville, the Trillium Auxiliary is winding down.


Established on May 5, 1982, the Auxiliary and its dedicated volunteers have had a positive and lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of Lodge residents.

With an average of 55 members throughout the years, the Auxiliary made the daily lives of residents of the Lodge more comfortable and enjoyable. Their commitment has been unwavering; from operating the Tuck Shop and hosting special teas to helping to fund a bus for excursions.

Their support often went to the more personal level including providing a small Christmas gift to each of the residents and personalized birthday cards which often featured a special poem. One of their most recent projects was funding the installation of sunshade blinds on all the windows to increase the comfort for residents.

With their membership now down to 16, there just aren’t enough members to do all that needs to be done to keep the Auxiliary running. They will continue to operate the small Tuck Shop though as it means so much to the residents to have access to their favourite treats and little gifts they can purchase for their loved ones.

“The Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation would like to thank the Trillium Auxiliary for their long and tireless support of Trillium Lodge in Parksville” said Janice Perrino, Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation CEO. “The funds they have raised and the thousands of hours they have volunteered to enhance the lives of the Lodge residents and to help staff deliver even better care is just incredible.”

Residual funds and any future gifts will be held in trust by the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation and dispersed to Trillium Lodge as needed for two key areas: provision of select personal items to residents who could not otherwise afford them, and funding for monthly activities that keep the residents active and engaged.

New Elevator Wraps at NRGH

By News

The Foundation’s four elevator wraps recently installed at NRGH look amazing! The wraps celebrate the dedicated NRGH staff and volunteers and the incredible care they provide on a daily basis. They also highlight the vital medical equipment that donors help fund. Together we are helping deliver excellence in healthcare in our community. Thank you!

Photos with Santa Donation

By Thank You!

Thank you to Country Club Centre for their generous $4,330 donation! Country Club Centre sets up an elaborate winter scene each year so children can get a memorable photo with Santa. Photos were by donation making this a great community effort!
Photo: Janice Perrino, CEO, Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation and Kyla Arnink, Administrative Assistance, Country Club Centre

A Ton of Teddy Bears!

By Thank You!

The students and families of Randerson Ridge School donated a whopping 440 teddy bears! Isabella, a student at Randerson, presented the idea to her school after she and her sisters donated bears to the Foundation. Her Teddy Bear Drive was very well received with PetSmart in Duncan being the biggest donor! Children receiving medical care at NRGH and VI SCAN will get much comfort from these cuddly toys.

Front Row: Ella, Jacob, Grace, Alessia, Gianna. Back Row: Jackie, Colton, Isabella,  Natasha and Roxana

Quilts Providing Comfort

By Thank You!

Thank you to the Parksville Quilters Guild for yet another generous and colourful donation of quilts and other items! These comfort items make a big difference for our littlest of patients. They will be given to babies and young children who are receiving care in the NICU at NRGH and VI SCAN (Vancouver Island Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Program).
Photo: Janice Perrino, CEO, Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation and Chris Kotzian, Comfort Quilt Coordinator, Parksville Quilters Guild

Christmas Display Brings in Donations

By Thank You!

Thank you to Ted Aeberhardt, Brittnee Aeberhardt and her husband Adam Long for their generous $173 donation! Each year they offer treats by donation to the public who stop by to view their spectacular Christmas light displays. Ted has been decorating his house since 1994 with his daughter and son-in-law joining in more recently. Brittnee works in the Medical Device Reprocessing department and Adam works in the kitchen at NRGH.