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The Nanaimo British Club Helps Neonatal Unit at NRGH

By August 16, 2016December 18th, 2017March 8, 2022

Janice Perrino, Hospital Foundation CEO, greets Margaret Marsh and Terry Tutte, of the Nanaimo British Club, as they deliver a $225 donation towards the Biliblanket. Funds raised, were possible thanks to the generosity of Bev Elder.

Members of the Nanaimo British Club celebrated their 30th anniversary recently with an act of kindness. They raised funds during a Club event and delivered donations to the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation and the 7-10 Club. The gift to the Hospital Foundation will help buy a biliblanket for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH).

A Biliblanket is a portable medical device for infants that treats neonatal jaundice. Biliblankets emit light of different intensities that permeates through a light fabric. The baby is placed close to, or on the blanket for treatment. The light break down high levels of bilirubin in the bloodstream, which causes the discolouration of a baby’s skin when jaundice. The $7,500 biliblanket is needed in the NICU immediately.

If you are interested in joining the Nanaimo British Club contact Terry at or call 250-858-1916