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Trillium Auxilliary

By February 20, 2019Thank You!
After 37 years of supporting seniors at Trillium Lodge in Parksville, the Trillium Auxiliary is winding down.


Established on May 5, 1982, the Auxiliary and its dedicated volunteers have had a positive and lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of Lodge residents.

With an average of 55 members throughout the years, the Auxiliary made the daily lives of residents of the Lodge more comfortable and enjoyable. Their commitment has been unwavering; from operating the Tuck Shop and hosting special teas to helping to fund a bus for excursions.

Their support often went to the more personal level including providing a small Christmas gift to each of the residents and personalized birthday cards which often featured a special poem. One of their most recent projects was funding the installation of sunshade blinds on all the windows to increase the comfort for residents.

With their membership now down to 16, there just aren’t enough members to do all that needs to be done to keep the Auxiliary running. They will continue to operate the small Tuck Shop though as it means so much to the residents to have access to their favourite treats and little gifts they can purchase for their loved ones.

“The Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation would like to thank the Trillium Auxiliary for their long and tireless support of Trillium Lodge in Parksville” said Janice Perrino, Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation CEO. “The funds they have raised and the thousands of hours they have volunteered to enhance the lives of the Lodge residents and to help staff deliver even better care is just incredible.”

Residual funds and any future gifts will be held in trust by the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation and dispersed to Trillium Lodge as needed for two key areas: provision of select personal items to residents who could not otherwise afford them, and funding for monthly activities that keep the residents active and engaged.