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Donation Helps Patients Breathe Easier

By October 3, 2019April 7th, 2020Thank You!

Thank you to TB Vets for their generous donation of $21,868 for a V60 BiPAP Device! The device helps patients suffering from COPD, congestive heart failure and other conditions that lead to acute respiratory insufficiency. The machine provides breathing support that synchronizes with the patient’s effort to enhance respiratory effectiveness, decreases breathing effort and lessens the feeling of breathlessness. We are very thankful to all the TB Vets staff and Board of Directors for their generous donation and thoughtful support for patients at NRGH.

Photo: Bob Underhill, Chair, TB Vets; Janice Perrino, CEO, Hospital Foundation; Sheila Hamilton, Board Director, Kandys Merola, Executive Director & Peter Merola, Board Director, TB Vets

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